Headmaster Collar

The Headmaster Collar provides head and neck support for people with a range of conditions resulting in neck weaknesses. This brace has been trusted for 30 years to provide low profile, lightweight and firm support of the head.

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This brace is mainly applicable for conditions such as ALS, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Dropped Head Syndrome (DHS), Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome, Motor Neurone Disease, and many conditions resulting in neck muscle weakness. The brace is lightweight, breathable, and easy to put on and take off. Its unobtrusive and low-profile appearance makes it comfortable for you to go about your usual activities with minimal disruption.

  • The collar will improve breathing and swallowing by opening the trachea and esophagus
  • Cool and comfortable brace, with low heat retention materials
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Provides firm support for the head
  • Shapeable to suit your needs
  • Quick release velcro makes it easy to put on and take off

The brace has a steel spring core, which allows for shaping and reshaping of the brace. This also gives a range of bounce to the shape without it becoming deformed. There will be a small amount of spring back action when using the brace. This action is what makes the brace so comfortable to wear as it can adapt and move with you as you go about your day. You are able to shape your brace to the desired width and height by hand and it will stay this shape. Once you have adjusted your brace it should fit under your chin, with the neckstrap around the back of the neck only.

When you are choosing the size of your brace; measure in a straight line from the angle of the jaw to the centre of the chin, as shown in the photo. Choose the smaller size if you are in between sizes. 

Measure dimension 'a': Shortest distance under the jaw from the centre of the chin to the angle of the mandible, as shown in the picture.

Small: 100 mm

Medium: 115 mm

Large: 130 mm

Where can I see and try on the different braces and supports?

Since many of the products we sell need to be prescribed by a physiotherapist or fitted by an orthotist, we recommend you discuss this with a specialist first. However, if you already know what you need, you are welcome to buy directly from us through this website. If you need additional help, our Customer Care Team are on the phones every weekday - you can email them (click here) or phone them on 0800 31 61 81.

We do not have a store or showroom and therefore if purchasing through our website you are unable to see the product first. We do however accept exchanges and returns for items that have not been used and are still in their original packaging.

How can I purchase these items?

If you know exactly what it is that you are after, you can purchase many items directly through our website.

Some items must be prescribed by an orthotist or medical professional and will show POA instead of a price. For these products, please chat to your physiotherapist, orthotist or a medical professional about how you can be prescribed and fitted for the item.

Will ACC pay for the cost of the brace or support?

If you require the product due to the result of an accident, you may be able to have this item covered by ACC. We recommend that you discuss this with your ACC Case Manager first. We are unable to charge ACC for any products unless we receive a purchase order from them. 

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