Quote Mode Tool and FAQs

Using Quote Mode, New Zealand Assessors and Clinicians can generate non-complex (unscripted) product quotes for clients quickly at any time. Watch the demonstration video or read on for a brief guide to using Quote Mode followed by some FAQ's. While you are viewing and adding items to the quote the retail price will be shown, however, once you enter the funder on the details page and confirm your quote the correct funded pricing will pull through for you to see before submitting the quote into our system.

Please note, Quote Mode is only available if you have an account set up in our system. If you do not have an account with us, please email marketing@alliedmedical.co.nz. 

Create instant quotes for non-complex products online, anytime.

It's quick, easy and connects straight into our quoting system so you receive a completed quote within seconds – right when you need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Simply go up to the top header bar and turn Quote Mode from “Off” to “On”.
  • A pop-up box will appear. Select Continue. You can tell Quote Mode is on as it will say Quote Mode On in the header bar.
  • If you already have products in your cart, they will be automatically added to your Quote.
  • Select the products you want to be included on the quote then select "Add to Quote" - in the same way, you add products to a shopping cart.
  • Please note the pricing shown will be our retail pricing (excl GST). You will be able to select the funder for your quote during the checkout stage and your quote will then reflect the correct pricing for that funder. 
  • You will see at the top of the page the number of products in your quote. Click this to view a summary of the products. Once all products are selected click on "Quote Details".
  • Make sure that all the necessary fields are completed and use "Special Instructions" to let us know any special set-up requirements you may need for your client including notes on additional items that may need adding to the quote (e.g. a size that wasn't on the website or a product you were unable to locate).
  • Select "Confirm Quote" and then the correct pricing for the specific funder will appear.
  • You will receive an email with a pdf of the Quote and the Quote Number for your reference
  • If you include special instructions or select an alternative funder the quote you receive automatically will not be final. Our team will make the requested changes and adjust the pricing for the alternative funder then send you a final version.


Quote Builder FAQ's

What if I can’t find the product size that I am after for my quote?

As we’ve listed the most common sizes of each product option and the ones that we generally have in stock simply add the product size you are after into the Special Instructions field once you are ready to confirm your quote. We will then come back to you to let you know if this size is available by way of a confirmed quote – or our Customer Care Team will let you know the closest size we can do.

What if there is a product I want added to the quote but I can’t find it on the website?

Let us know at helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz and our team will see if we can source the product that you require. Alternatively, if you can find some items from your quote but need additional components added that are not on the website you can add these into the Special Instructions field once you are ready to confirm your quote. 

Where do I get my website login from?

Contact us at marketing@alliedmedical.co.nz and we will get a login and password set up for you. Once you have these login details you will be able to change your password at any time.

How do I get a quote for an item that has POA rather than a price?

Products that are listed on our website as POA tend to be more complex equipment items and often require scripting. You can download a script from our website and complete this then email it to helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz or alternatively you can contact your Technical Product Specialist or call us on 0800 31 61 81.

What if I am after a quote for a funder who is not listed there?

Under the Funder part of the quote details screen, tick “Other” and specify the funder in the “Please enter alternative Funder” field. We will then come back to you with a final quote with the special pricing for your specific alternative funder.

What if I am unsure if the quote will be funded by Accessable or Enable – or privately?

Under the Funder part of the quote details screen, tick “Other” and in the “Please enter alternative Funder” field just let us know that you are unsure at this stage. The quote will list our standard pricing but one of our Customer Care Team will be in touch with you shortly afterwards to confirm the correct price for your item.

Why is freight not included on the quote?

Freight is calculated by our Customer Care Team as it can be highly variable due to volumetric and distance calculations.

How do I get a quote for an item that is scripted?

Just send through the script requirements to a member of the Customer Care Team at helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz and they will email you back a quote matching your script.

What if I need to change a quote that I have done through the website?

Email helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz and let us know that you would like to amend the quote that you sent through and what changes you would like to make. If you can provide us with the Quotation reference number, a client name and your preferred contact phone number - that would help us quickly action any changes you require for us to amend the original quote.

I've got some feedback or suggestions regarding the Quote Mode tool, who should I contact?

Please email marketing@alliedmedical.co.nz and let our Marketing Team know your thoughts. We are focussed on continuous improvement and would love any feedback on ways we can improve the Quote Mode tool for those who are using it.

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