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Allied Medical Solutions Charts

Complex Powerchair Solutions Chart
> Standard Powerchair Solutions Chart
> Manual Adult Wheelchairs Solution Chart
> Ki Mobility Wheelchair Solutions Chart
> Manual Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs Solution Chart
> Mobility Scooter Solutions Chart
> Bariatric Solutions Chart
Paediatric Mobility Solutions Chart
> Paediatric Walking and Standing Solutions Chart
> Cushions Solutions Chart
> Back Support Solutions Chart

Quantum Rehab Resources

> Allied Medical Powerchair Selection Chart
Powerchair Maximum Rated Slope Chart
Unilink Allied Medical Product Guide
Q6 Edge 2.0 Assessor Set Up Guide
Jazzy 623 Assessor Set Up Guide
Q6 Edge HD Assessor Set Up Guide
Suspension Advantage SRS Flyer
RESNA Position on the Application of Seat Elevation for PWC Users

Ki Mobility Resources

Allied Medical Ki Mobility Selection Tool
> Ki Mobility Colour Choices
> Ki Mobility Trial Request Form
Catalyst Assessor Set-Up Guide
Rogue Assessor Set-Up Guide
Liberty White Paper
Ethos Good Vibrations White Paper
> Wheelchair Measuring Guide

Karma Medical Resources

Karma Wheelchairs Quick Reference Guide
> Flexx Options Flip Chart
Flexx Junior Options Flip Chart
> Wheelchair Measuring Form

Varilite Resources

Reflex Cushion Assessor Set Up Guide
Icon Mid Back Assessor Set Up Guide
Icon Tall Back Assessor Set Up Guide
Icon Deep Back Assessor Set Up Guide
Knowledge Pressure Map Reflex Cushion

CTM Scooter Resources

NZTA Keeping Safe on Your Mobility Scooter
CTM Scooters Technician Set Up Guide

Firefly Resources

Splashy Activity Programme
> Splashy BIG Activity Guide
Firefly GoTo Activities Guide
Firefly WeGo Top Tips
Scooot Activity Programme
Playpak Back Lying Benefits | Playpak Floor Sitting Benefits | Playpak Tummy Lying Benefits
Playpak Therapy Programme
> Firefly Product Guide

Leckey Resources

Set-Up Resources
Leckey Sandal Measuring Guide
Assessor Set-Up Guide: Squiggles+ Stander
Assessor Set-Up Guide: Mygo Stander

Other Resources
> Standing Frames, Hip Abduction and Hip Integrity in Children with Cerebral Palsy
> Leckey Why Stand? Resource
Leckey Head Control Assessment Guide
> Leckey Seating System Assessment Guide
Leckey 24 Hour Postural Management
Sleepform Development Document
Getting the Most From My Seating System
Activities at home - Leckey Early Activity System
Activities at home - Leckey Standing Devices
PAL Seat Clinical Information
> Leckey - Compatibility Chart
Leckey Product Range Guide
> Leckey BeMe Technical Sizing Document
> Leckey BeMe Manual Wheelchair Interface Instructions
> Leckey BeMe Lateral Attachment Guide
> Leckey Bath Chair Measuring Guide
> Leckey Chest or Hip Wraparound Harness Measuring Guide 
> Leckey Freestander - Pronestander Chest Lateral Dimensions
> Leckey Stander Pelvic Band Dimensions
> Leckey MyGo Stander Knee Cup Measuring Guide
> Leckey PU Cup Measuring Guide 
> Leckey Squiggles + Knee Size Guide 
> Leckey Mygo / Squiggles Pelvic Harness User Instructions
> Pelvic Cradle Measuring Guide
> Leckey Open Back Sandals Measuring Guide
> Leckey Harness User Instructions
> Leckey Butterfly Harness Size Guide
> Leckey Chassis Footprints
> Leckey Items Used Across Multiple Products 

Leckey Case Studies
Case Study: Horizon Stander
Case Study: Vanessa's Mygo Seat
Case Study: Olivia's Mygo Seat
Case Study: Gemma's MyWay
Case Study: Katie's MyWay
Case Study: Leckey MyWay Pedal
Case Study: Early Activity System

Other Resources

> Allied Medical Product Range Catalogue
> Allied Medical Paediatric Solutions Catalogue
> Allied Medical Short-Term Loan & Rehab Catalogue
> Allied Medical Home Healthcare Catalogue
> Allied Medical Powerchair Selection Tool
> Choosing The Right Bathing Aid
> Choosing The Right Walking Frame
> Choosing The Right Wheelchair
Headpod Case Studies
Ride Designs Java Back Size Specifications
Ribcap Fashionable Soft Protective Helmets Information
Ribcap Myeloma Study
Ribcap Helmet Trial Data
Ossur Spinal Prescription Guide

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