Give the Gift of Independence

24 November, 2023

Written by Allied Medical

When it comes to choosing gifts for older loved ones, the best gifts are those that help them maintain a great quality of life, participate in the activities they love, and live as independently as possible at home and in the community. Here are our top holiday gift ideas.

Gifts For Staying Active
Being sedentary can have negative effects on both your physical and mental health. Exercise enables you to maintain a level of fitness that helps you resist illness, stay independent and prevent falls. Exercise can and should be fun, and tailored to each individual’s level. Consider a Pedal Exerciser or some Light Weights as gifts. And why not take a family stroll after Christmas lunch to work off those extra calories!

Gifts For Working the Brain
Fitness isn't just physical, exercising the mind is just as important as moving your body. Activities like playing scrabble or doing crossword puzzles have benefits that range from improving memory to boosting analytical thinking. Challenge the mind by gifting a Puzzle Book or Board Game.

Safety When Travelling
Make staying with relatives this holiday season as safe and comfortable as being at home. Gifts like Portable Grab Bars and the SitNStand will allow your loved one to maintain their independence outside of their usual environment and will be useful all year round. If its stocking stuffers you're after, why not some fun coloured Face Masks or Pill Splitter.

Gifts For Aiding Vision
Normal vision changes occur as we age, even natural changes unrelated to health conditions. Having the ability to read and enjoy hobbies like reading books or newspapers is an important part of maintaining quality of life. Make reading small text easier with gadgets like the Full Page Magnifier or Bar Magnifier.

Independence at Home
Independence comes in many forms, but is often judged by the ability to carry out daily activities like getting dressed, eating properly and moving about with relative ease. Aids that facilitate these everyday activities like a Button Hook or Sock Aid make for a wonderful gift. 

Gifts For Easy Dining
Make sure your loved ones are eating well and prepping meals with ease. Food Hampers are always a lovely gift, why not pair one with a kitchen or dining aid such as a Jar Opener or Kettle Pourer. We guarantee these will get lots of use and make these everyday tasks so much easier.

Staying Mobile
Being able to socialise and participate in activities with family and friends is good for both physical and mental health. Mobility aids such as Rollators and Canes give that extra support and stability, which increases the users confidence when on the move. 

And Most Importantly.......Gifts For Having Fun!
Get moving with the inmuDANCE, get baking with a Cake Kit or get crafty with an Adult Craft Kit! The best gift of all is spending time with one another so why not get a gift you can enjoy together.