COVID-19 and Allied Medical

Updated 23rd February 2022

We understand the seriousness and the concern facing all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to know that we are continually monitoring and following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and the NZ Government and can remain open at all Alert Levels and Traffic Light Settings. We are able to fulfil orders from assessors, technicians, businesses and the general public as well as deliver trial equipment, provide quotes, answer queries and assist you in any way we can.

General Information

To ensure we comply with government guidelines we can confirm that we have the following processes in place;

  • All team members need to sign in and sanitise their hands upon entering the building
  • All team members wear masks when unable to maintain social distancing, as and when the COVID-19 Protection Framework outlines
  • When possible and appropriate, team members are working from home
  • When deemed necessary, orders are delivered in a contactless way i.e. there is no physical interaction between the deliverer and customer
  • Stringent record-keeping is being maintained to record the contact each outbound team member has with other people
  • All team members are frequently washing their hands and using hand sanitiser
  • All returned equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 
  • Our team are maintaining clean workspaces and minimising the number of people who come in contact with workspaces
  • Anyone who is even slightly unwell or living with someone who is unwell will stay at home

Allied Medical is dedicated to:

  • Protecting the health and well-being of our customers, team members and their families
  • Maintaining a dependable workforce, both on-site and working remotely
  • Providing reliable products and services through these challenging times
  • Ensuring we maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness across all our sites and vehicles
  • Continually updating our staff with the very latest information on COVID-19 and advice from the Ministry of Health 

Our primary goal is to ensure we follow all procedures necessary to keep everyone safe. If you do have questions, please reach out to us.

Click here to view the Ministry of Health’s advice and guidelines regarding COVID-19

Information for Assessors and Technicians

We're giving you lots of choices

During these ever-changing and unpredictable times, we remain committed to keeping New Zealanders moving. We are also here to provide assistance wherever possible. We are working hard to keep our team, our customers and our communities safe while continuing to deliver our services.

We have changed the way we do business to provide alternative approaches for safe and practical delivery of our products and services to you and your customers.

What does this mean for you?

  1. We can get products delivered anywhere in New Zealand for both trial and purchase! Our nationwide Sales and Technical Support team are ready to go and simply adapt how they work through the changing restrictions to ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved.
  2. We're here to help! We're always here to help you in any way we can - just reach out.
  3. It’s your choice! We are providing options for you to choose how you interact with us and ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable with the interaction.

In-Person Appointments

One of our team or an appointed sub-contractor on our behalf can always attend an in-person appointment, trial or delivery as long as you can answer ‘YES’ to all of the following questions:​

  • All attendees are well (no flu-like symptoms)
  • No-one at the appointment location has had exposure to COVID-19 or is awaiting test results
  • We can physically gain easy access to the appointment location

If you or your client would like us to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the appointment, we are completely fine to do so and each of our vehicles are equipped with ample supply - just let us know. 

Partially Virtual Appointments

If you are unable to attend the appointment in person, our Technical Product Specialist can take responsibility for you to join in via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Prior to the appointment, we will send you a link so you are able to be there virtually and provide guidance and suggestions – as if you were there in person.

Virtual Appointments

Where necessary, product overviews, product training and general consultations can take place through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or the likes of FaceTime or WhatsApp.   We have also ramped up our online training so we can easily help you up-skill on products.

View our online Training & Education section here >

Zero-Contact Delivery

To give you a wide range of options for appointments (new trials and product deliveries), we have the option of Zero-Contact Deliveries (ZCD). You may request a ZCD for the delivery of all non-complex equipment only. The ZCD is a great option for when we cannot do in-person deliveries, for example when someone in the house either has COVID-19 or are awaiting their test results. It is also a good option for facilities like rest homes that may be closed to visitors.

Here is how it works:

  • Request a ZCD when talking to our Customer Care Team or your Allied Medical Technical Product Specialist.
  • Our Technical Product Specialist will leave the equipment at an agreed collection point, step back and call the client to confirm the equipment has arrived.
  • The client or carer can then retrieve the equipment and ask any questions about the set-up and use of the equipment.  Standard set-up instructions will also be provided.
  • Once the client is satisfied, the equipment can be taken inside, and our team member will leave the location.

When Zero-Contact Delivery Isn't Possible

We are unable to provide Zero-Contact Delivery (ZCD) for equipment that will require a significant level of fitting or adjustment during the delivery – like a Quantum Rehab powerchair.

If this is the case, we recommend:

  • If you can answer YES to all the questions in our in-person appointments section, we will proceed with an in-person appointment, using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • If the client, a family member or carer are unwell or have been in contact with COVID-19, or someone in the household is awaiting test results, and a ZCD is not suitable for the equipment type, unfortunately, we will need to defer the appointment to a later date.

Help in selecting the right product:
Our experienced Sales Team are available to provide quotes for complex equipment - including everything from powerchairs to wheelchair seating to standing frames - based on measurements, photographs or videos. To make it really easy, we will then talk through a script form for the new equipment and then have a quote prepared for you so you can apply for funding.

Equipment Demonstrations:
Your Technical Product Specialist can live stream from one of our locations so you can see the features and benefits of the equipment. 

Click and Collect

If you are located close to our North Shore based office, you are more than welcome to come by and collect items that you are happy to take out to your clients and set up yourself. Just let us know when you need the item and we will organise to have it ready for you to collect from our dispatch area.

We're making sure every contact will be super safe

All of our Technical Product Specialists and Technicians who interact with clients are cleared for good health and will not attend appointments without proper handwashing and use of hand sanitiser. Other PPE such as disposable gloves and masks, are available at your request and our team have rapid antigen tests available for use when needed. All trial equipment is sanitised with disinfectant between trials.

There is also no pressure from us for you to start trials until you and your client feel safe to do so. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our priority now and we are ready to support you and your customers. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can assist you with the options outlined above. Click here to read our COVID-19 FAQ's.

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Click here to view the Ministry of Health’s advice and guidelines regarding COVID-19

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