Leckey FAQ's

The plastic ridge above the knee pads bar on the Leckey Freestander is digging into the child's skin. Is there a solution?

Leckey recommends 1-inch knee spacers behind the PU cups. Then there won't be contact on the ridge. You can then adjust the knee plate forward to compensate for any loss of flexion.

There are no longer prone belts on the Leckey Horizon Stander script. What should be scripted for the prone position?

For prone you will need to script the correct sized hip lateral instead of a prone hip belt.

Can you get a tray with a bowl on the Leckey Seating Systems?

Leckey do not supply any trays with bowls for their seats as there is no room to fit one between the tray and the user. 

Is it possible to make the Leckey PAL Seat sit higher?

Unfortunately not. Currently, Leckey do not supply leg extenders for the PAL Seat and another seating solution will be needed if a child needs to be sitting higher.

Can Stealth Headrests be used on Leckey Products?

Yes, they be attached the Leckey Horizon Stander and the Leckey MyGo Stander. Please chat to your Technical Product Specialist or call us on 0800 31 61 81 for more information.

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